Booking With a COVID-19 Addendum

We want you to feel as confident as possible hosting your special occasion with us and have created a COVID-19 Contract Addendum that is available to add to any booking.

Please read below about the Addendum works and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Book Your Event

Choose the date you want to have your event on. This is your first choice and your booking can be completed with our standard deposit requirement of 50% of the total facility rental fee.

Pick a Back-up Date

Choose a second date at least four months from the date of your first choice. For instance, if your event date is January 1st then your “backup date” can be no earlier than April 1st.  

This is your back-up date and we will hold it for you until we know that your first choice will be available barring any government orders. 

Book Your Back-up Date

Booking your back-up date is complete after you provide an additional deposit of 25% of the total facility rental fee. 

This means you have booked two dates with a deposit that equals 75% of your rental fee. 

Refunds For Back-up Date

If you cancel your event before your “first choice” date, you would not receive your original 50% deposit BUT you will be refunded the 25% second payment. 

Should the back-up date also be cancelled due to government orders, you will have the option of rescheduling your event at no extra charge or receiving a refund of the original 50% deposit. The second deposit of 25% will not be refunded.

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