Non-Contact Temperature Checks

On The Levee has partnered with Dallas based Wello, Inc. to offer their accurate non-contact kiosks to identify individuals entering our facility who may have a fever. The kiosks use advanced infrared technology to quickly provide a temperature reading. Wello has developed disease mitigation technologies since 2014 and they are offering On The Levee their valued guidance in crafting a COVID-19 response.

While On The Levee is committed to deploying as much technology and as many mitigation efforts as possible, we also acknowledge that there is no silver bullet when it comes to public health.

Sticker Verification

For people with temperatures below the threshold, the kiosk prints out a sticker they can wear during the event, making their non-fever status clearly identifiable to guests.

Vendor and Staff Requirements

We have reworked all our vendor agreements to reflect the current situation. Vendors and facility staff are required to get a temperature check and make their sticker visible for the duration of events.

Optional Availablity for Event Hosts

Event hosts have the option to require their guests to also have their temperature taken. While we encourage that everyone practice their own judgement and responsibility we do not require that our hosts check guests.

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